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Frequently Asked Questions - Watch Repair

FAQs - Watch Repair

Backs often need a special press in order to be properly closed on a watch. Bring it in and we'll do it for a reasonable fee.

This happens when the oils in your skin react with a base-metal watch strap. Stainless steel and titanium straps will not react like this. If you have a strap that has started to pit/corrode, you can use a coating of clear nail-polish or adhesive-fabric moleskin to form a barrier between your skin and the metal strap to keep it from getting worse.

Stainless steel and titanium are both hypo-allergenic and should not irritate the skin of someone with a metal allergy. If your strap is made of a base metal, you can try creating a barrier with either clear nail-polish or adhesive-fabric moleskin.

If this is happening with all the wrist watches you wear, there are ways around the issue. Although there is no universal cure, we have found that some people manage to find just one watch that will work for them over time. As a possible solution we recommend that you try a pendant, pocket or fob watch, or a nurse's watch.